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fnook reviews Warhawk (PS3)

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fnook said...

For a launch title, Warhawk is actually a rather stunning achievement. Solid online support, and feature rich in a time when the PSN was still in its' infancy, Warhawk had it's sh*t together. It truly is a game for the hard-core player though. With a very brief tutorial, and NO offline bot-bashing, players are thrown to the wolves in online-ONLY matches. And that's a very very scary place to be for anyone who isn't already a pro. It is a fantastic game, but it's so unfriendly to new players, I can't justify giving it a higher score than I already have. The DLC is excellent, but also considering the age of this game, it should be cheaper by now. RECOMMENDED RENT.. PURCHASE NOT RECOMMENDED unless you have friends actively playing. (or it just completely knocks your socks off)

Game Traits applied to Warhawk (PS3) by fnook

  • The Setting:
    Future Warzone
  • Playing As:
    fighter pilot
  • Playing Against:
    online opponents
  • How it's Played:
    32 player battles
  • General Tone:
    Fast-paced, Action Packed

Warhawk (PS3)

Genre/Style: Simulation/Flight Combat Simulation
Release Date: 10/OCT/07
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And if you buy the physical copy you get a free bluetooth headset too!
Actually I believe that headset pack is no longer sold. My copy was disc only, and I haven't seen the headset packs for a very very long time. To be honest, my recommendation to those interested in buying this game, would be to buy the digital download copy off of the Playstation store. No disc = awesome in my book.
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