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fnook reviews Thexder Neo (PSP)

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fnook said...

I have fond memories, playing this back on my Amiga 500, waaaay waay back in 1985 (or somthing like that). And this new version is nearly exactly the same game, but with today's fancy bells and whistles. It still plays like a dream too.. It's fun to jump around and transform into a jet mid-air, and that auto-targetting laserbeam o' doom in robot mode is the stuff of all Transformers geeks wet dreams. It DOES have online multiplayer, however I haven't found the time to try it yet whilst in range of wi-fi. Well worth the $9 if you have a PSP. It makes an excellent download for your new PSP-GO.. ^_~ *hint*hint*

Game Traits applied to Thexder Neo (PSP) by fnook

  • The Setting:
  • Playing As:
    transforming robot
  • Playing Against:
    environment and monsters
  • How it's Played:
    lasers, Transformations
  • General Tone:
    Old school Gaming
Thexder Neo

Thexder Neo (PSP)

Genre/Style: Shooter/Side-Scrolling Shooter
Release Date: 01/OCT/09
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