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fnook's gameplay for Little Big Planet (PS3)

fnook played Little Big Planet

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fnook said...
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Had a lot of fun discovering some of the popular levels in the search/busiest section of the community levels. I just can't get over how versatile some creators are getting with the editor now. Most particularly notable was the newest level by NOBODYS. (the title of which completely escapes me at the moment).. But should be easy enough to search out.. I bet it's still 1st on the BUSIEST page.
Little Big Planet

Little Big Planet (PS3)

Genre/Style: Action/Side-Scrolling Platform
Release Date: 29/OCT/08
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Did you hear about new DLC coming that apparently will make creation more "versatile?" Not much info yet, but it does sound promising. http://bit.ly/EEZww
It DOES sound promising. I've known for a while that they've had some new creation tools in testing, but no more info than just that. I understand the online create mode beta is going REALLY well too. I've heard from friends that are in the beta that it's quite stable for an early build, and only has a handfull of bugs that are being worked on right now. -- So much exciting stuff in store for LBP!

*GLEE!* ^_^
Oh I totally forgot about online create mode. I wonder how network lag is going to affect that, or if it will be much of an issue.

You can already do local co-op create mode, right?
Yes.. Local co-op create mode was included in the retail release of the game. Apparently there's some online create mode code in the retail release as well, but it's dormant until they patch in the final release code, and activate the full feature. My friends in the beta say that lag isn't that bad. But they currently do have to work around some of the larger bugs that are in the beta at the moment, but the dev team say they're working hard on fixing everything right now. They say that they're getting very close to releasing it. -- I wonder if this has anything to do with the "versatile creation tools" they're hinting at.. Hmmmmmmm... *^_^*
I am going to be all over online co-op create mode. I'll be happy just to sit there and watch someone create a level.
LOL! You sir, are the epitome of sloth... Heheh.. Joking.. *^_~*
Hey I can tell them if something is crooked...
Ahhh.. I can see it now.. Your sackperson off to the side, with a little yellow hardhat on with the word FOREMAN on the front.
i agree. the player levels are getting as good as if not better than many of the levels in the developer's set. I just uploaded my first level (burning temple) and i had a TON of fun creating it... maybe even more fun that playing it. lol.

And yeah, the new DLC is supposed to have a bunch of new tools. CANT WAIT.
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