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fnook's gameplay for Wipeout Pulse (PSP)

fnook played Wipeout Pulse

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fnook said...
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Ran a few races from the campeign, but what I really wanted was to race online with someone today.. But, sadly nobody was online.. *Sulk*
Wipeout Pulse

Wipeout Pulse (PSP)

Genre/Style: Racing/Futuristic Racing
Release Date: 12/FEB/08
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Do you still need a PS3 to connect you online with this game, like MHFU?
NOPE! Wipeout Pulse (and Pure for that matter) both have online play & connectivity of their own. Plus PULSE actually uses the PSN to connect. (PURE has online play, but it doesn't use the PSN).

Unfortunately since these are both slightly older PSP titles, sometimes finding people online to play with can be difficult. But I do find people to play with from time to time.. I guess it's because they're just not as popular as they used to be when they first came out.
Actually there are a LOT of PSP games that have online play of their own (meaning WITHOUT help from the PS3). The thing you wanna look for if you want to know if a particular PSP game has online play is "Infrastructure multiplayer". That's a fancy term for ONLINE multiplayer. LOCAL WIRELESS multiplayer (offline multiplayer) is called (Ad-Hoc multiplayer)
MHF:U for example is Ad-hoc multiplayer. But has Infrastructure support for additional download content.
I'm familiar with ad-hoc vs infrastructure, trust me. I just didn't know that the game had. If you have noone around that plays, like me, having an ad-hoc only game is quite annoying.
Ahh.. Sorry.. I didn't mean to insult or anything.. Just wasn't sure if you knew. A lot of people find that sorta stuff confusing. -- I totally agree. I'm sad that there aren't MORE online enabled games for the PSP, considering the fact that the odds of finding others who play the same game you do are fairly slim when face to face. I'm flippin' outright angered that MHF:U still doesn't have online play.. This game so desperately needs it.
I wonder if they'll start releasing games that are DLC-capable once the Go gains ground...
They already have a few (but not many). Super Stardust portable and WipEout Pulse are 2 that immediately come to mind. Both of these have official through-the-PSN DLC packs. Super Startdus Portable has the SOLO pack, which is a cool bundle of extra worlds to explore and 3 new single-player modes. -- On this subject the fact the PSP is going completely digital also opens up the door for games to be PATCHED at a later date. On my PSPgo, i see that all downloaded titles have "Check for update" in the menu when I highlite them and hit TRIANGLE. Which is SWEET!
Yes, but what about already released titles like MHFU? Since it sounds like the 'check for updates' thing is external to the program, it's possible they could create an update that would wedge infrastructure support into it. At least one could dream.
I've replaced my UMD copy of MHFU with the digital download version the day I got my PSPgo. It too has "Check for update" in the TRIANGLE menu before launching the game.. So, hmm. you never know.. It's possible they could patch it in, but to be honest with you, I'm NOT holding my breath for it.
Wipeout Pulse is one of my favorite PSP games. I bought it at release, but oddly enough I have never actually played it online. Admittedly, I've only tried on a few occasions, but never succeeded in getting into a game. I've already played MotorStorm: Arctic Edge online a few times, and that's great fun, so perhaps I should give Pulse's online mode another try soon.
As I said earlier, unfortunately since PULSE is nowadays considered not one of the latest titles for PSP, there just are not many people playing online as what used to be. The ONLINE mode DOES work, but only about 4 times out of 10 when I try to play online, do I actually FIND people playing. Usually I'm the ONLY person logged into their servers. *sad*
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