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fnook's gameplay for Okami (PS2)

fnook played Okami

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fnook said...
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Catching up on where I was before I lost the PS2 memory card that had my Okami saves on it.. This game is such a pleasure to play, that I don't mind going through it all over again.. However, the dialogue scenes really could've used a SKIP option for those of us who've seen them before.. >_<

Okami (PS2)

Genre/Style: Action/Action Adventure
Release Date: 19/SEP/06
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I played Okami on the Wii and had a blast with it. Will be getting a PS3 soon so we can play LBP or something
Sounds good to me.. ^_^ Although, you may have a little trouble pulling me away from that new Transformers game whilst I'm on PS3. It's brilliant, and I've had my head thoroughly and metaphorically jammed up it's bum since it came out on Tuesday.
Lol I can't wait. I'll find a way to pry you away from Transformers. Not sure how.
How you been? haven't talked to you in a while
I've been okay.. I've been laying really low ever since I got hit with identity theft about 2 or 3 months ago.. I've closed ALL of my profiles on social networking sites. Nothing like a solid case of identity theft to make you really take a step back and evaluate the kinda personal info you allow online.
O wow! I'm sorry that happened to you.
Not much new with me. I was modeling for a little bit but that was just for a month or so. Something new for me I guess.
Goober is getting fatter and is still noisy as hell but I still love her.
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