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fnook's gameplay for Guitar Hero 5 (PS3)

fnook played Guitar Hero 5

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fnook said...
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I actually played this ONLINE for the first time yesterday.. Had a lot of touble finding someone available to play. I guess there just are not very many people playing this game online. The 1 person I did manage to connect to, played half a song, then quit out. *Sad-panda-face* -- I am such a nerd though.. I named my group "Kings Landing", and chose a dragon-like design for the group logo.. Any George R. R. Martin fans know where I'm going with this? ^_~
Guitar Hero 5

Guitar Hero 5 (PS3)

Genre/Style: Simulation/Musical Instrument/Band Simulation
Release Date: 01/SEP/09
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haha nice I approve of the name (of course, you already knew this)
Fire and Blood!
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