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fnook's gameplay for Gears of War (PC)

fnook played Gears of War

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fnook said...
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Great game completely RUINED by being on the PC. If you don't have the pc version of the 360 controller, then you have to put up with some seriously gimped keyboard controls. Also, this game is actually a few years old now even for pc. So then why does it still have some glaring crash to desktop bugs? What a waste of time, money, & HD space.
Gears of War

Gears of War (PC)

Genre/Style: Shooter/Squad-Based Shooter
Release Date: 06/NOV/07
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I agree with you, on the 360 this game was awesome but it fails spectacularly on the PC, I was so disappointed when I played it.
I'd have to agree with you too... was a fun game on 360, but the PC version is the less than ideal way to play it, control and performance wise. It's just a bad port.
I haven't played this game in years, but when I did it was on the 360. The multiplayer was so glitchy I just couldn't play it. I'm assuming it's been fixed for a few years by now though. I must also say that it's hard to find a good port some times, it seems like a lot of developers are just lazy and don't even change things like "press LB to do this!" and you end up wondering which button equates to LB, but it's usually much worse then that. My least favorite instance of button switching is the PC RE4 where it just gives you numbers because they expect you to play with a gamepad AND know which button is which number.
@enzer I loathe when games say to press a number, I never know what I'm supposed to press and usually lose...
Here's what I don't get. After getting frustrated with this game, I patched & tried Unreal Tourney 3. Same engine, but runs perfectly on my pc. It just shows that the Games for Windows label does NOT mean a higher quality standard for PC games. See... THIS is why I've become a console ONLY gamer. At least the games for consoles perform as the devs intend them to.
@fnook Sounds like someones pretty biased....
@timyadeadhomie - biased against what? PC games? I own a gaming pc, ps3, & a 360. I'll tell you exactly what I'm biased against, it's games that don't friggin work after I install them. I'm biased against the entire concept of second guessing a game purchase for fear of it's performance on my machine. With consoles I know it'll work exactly how the devs intended. I'm basicly sick of the BS I have to put up with trying to play PC games. I'm done with them. I'll stick with my PS3 & 360 for my games.
@fnook sounds like your trying to say that console games never have bugs or glitches.
@timyadeadhomie - Of course console games do occasionally have bugs. But my point is at least console games bugs will be at worst the online features don't work for the first week. But WILL be patched to work perfect within the week. Will a console game still have a crash to desktop, or glaring graphical error more than a month after release? No!
@fnook If the game was as good as they hype would we be arguing about this? no
Can't you customize your keys? It's been years since I've seen a PC game which doesn't let you customize your keys.
Yeah, I don't think I've seen a game where you couldn't, but my statement before was that they still show the buttons from the console on some ports or even worse number buttons from a gamepad even without one installed so you truly have no idea which key is mapped to what button in either case. I'm sure you could figure it out eventually in these cases, it's just a nuisance that should be tackled more often and when not, shows (in my opinion, as one who has never ported a game) lousy workmanship.
Two games where you can't remap the keys - Sega's ports of Sonic Adventure and Sonic Heroes to the PC. You can redefine the mouse control to a very limited extent, but oh well.

The games on the other hand weren't buggy or such, but still, kind of a bad idea for a port.
@fnook WOW. I never thought they would eff up a game control like that. - Thinking about it, Halo 2 port to PC was really bad too.
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